8 Aug 2010

Holes in the ground

A seemingly random hole in the ground. 

...going down there...
Some people don't have enough excitement in their lives, so they decide to create some :D
Hanging off ropes and little metal slides at least got my adrenaline going.

falling up

down under

ghosts and the darkness

Sunny coming up. For the second time ;)
After the first pit we stopped at Taco Bell for supper on our way to the next one. 
Apparently the little Taco Bell hot sauce packets are numbered from 1-12. You'll see it if you look closely at the bottom edge (not necessarily in this picture though.. go find yourself a Taco Bell hot sauce thing and check for yourself). And the number is supposed to tell you how 'hot' the sauce is. So a 1 is the mildest and the 12 is the hottest. I never knew...
So, for kicks, we dug through the hot sauce bowl until we found all the numbers from 1 to 12 :D

From there we continued to a bigger hole in the ground near the Alabama border. A thunder storm seemed to be headed the same way as we were and foiled our plans of summitting, or rather, pitting (??)... umm.. getting to the bottom :D But we sat around the edge in the darkness, watching the lightning and enjoying the nature and 'peace' around us. I thoroughly enjoyed it.

It was a big hole. The blackness is where it drops off.

Casey, Stephanie, Sunny, Shannon and me

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Anonymous said...

I think your shirt was appropriate! "Has anyone seen my marbles?" :)