8 Aug 2010

New friends

I spent an afternoon and evening with Daniel and Anna Romanov. Their mother's family is friends with my aunt Rosie and we met at the GC meetings in Atlanta.
We took a drive up to Lookout Mountain in Chattanooga and walked around Covenant College for a while. Afterwards we went out for some really good fish and finished the evening with a game of Phase 10. It was fun :)

The church at Covenant College
The main hall
Lobby. I had been here once, about 8 years ago. This is the college my dad got his degree from and our whole family came up for a dinner one evening. I remember it had a mystical feeling to it with the big structures and dark beams and decorations. The day was quite foggy and we were up at the top of the mountain. I thought it felt like we were in a Scottish castle a few centuries ago.. :)

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