9 Aug 2010

Home sweet home :)

I left Atlanta on the 21st and got home the next evening. Of course, the smart person that I am, I had stayed up again the night before.. Our plane left Atlanta two hours late, wherefore I missed my connection in Paris. Their next flight to Helsinki was full, so I waited about four hours for a flight. But the Air France people were nice to me and gave me a meal voucher so I could have lunch while I waited. By the time I got on my flight, I was tired :) I slept from the moment I sat in my seat until we landed in Helsinki.
Mom and Ludi met me at the airport and we talked all the way home. It was such a nice evening that we still went swimming once we got home, around 11 pm.
I was home for two days before we took off for the pathfinder camporee in Keuruu. We swam a lot during those two days :)

In the sauna with Morten and my sisters

Laura, Alina, Ludi

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