2 Oct 2010


 On our 45 min stop in Aalborg I called up Morten and we were able to meet up :) We caught up on current news and walked around town. There was a wonderful yarn shop that I drooled over for a while, but resisted :)

 A homeless Tapio found a good-sized bench to sleep on
 I don't think you see slow food advertised very often?
 What country was this in?? :D
 Crossing the Storebælt bridge on the way back to Copenhagen
 Our lodging at the Union office in Copenhagen. 
 The Union building we stayed at
 new friends at the Copenhagen airport
 the coolest corridor at the airport. It reminded me of elephant ribs
Goodbye Denmark :)

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senni said...

Mun mielestä toi Köpiksen kentän valkonen käytävä muistuttaa mielisairaalaa. Liian valkoinen, hui...