2 Oct 2010


I spent most of August at home with my Kisu :) working and getting ready to move. On the 10th I got notice that I was accepted into emergency nursing in Turku. On the same day I reserved a flat, without really knowing where it was or what it looked like :)

 Laura left for Ontario to study theoretical physics for a year. She left Turku right when I was to move there.. But hopefully she'll be back next year!

Fredrik and Victoria stopped by on their visit in Finland. We spent a nice few hours playing Ligretto :)

 Ludi got her hair cut
 Lilli, my companion in the woods

Peaceful lake Saimaa and Ristiina

 Celebrating Allu's 17th birthday :)
a delicious! cake the birthday girl baked for herself
and cupcakes
an afternoon of games on the front lawn :)

 One evening Mom and I hiked out to Astuvansalmi. It was gorgeous. A perfect evening, calm, no mosquitos..
Mom, worried about me falling off the cliff


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