2 Oct 2010


 Mom and I visited Laura at Ekebyholm in Sweden last weekend. I flew to Turku from Denmark in the morning, spent a few hours at home, then flew to Stockholm in the evening. Laura and Mom were there to pick me up :) 
 The dorm and cafeteria at Ekebyholmsskolan where Laura is studying in the Bibellinjen.
 Out Laura's window on the top floor.
 The building is fascinatingly beautiful :) It's about 400 years old with all kinds of arches, thick walls, old furniture...

 After church on Sabbath Daniel, Laura and I sang for a few hours :)

 Mom learning to make noise :D
 Laura's first time bowling :) Not too bad either

 waiting in line to get on the ferry in Stockholm
 Viking Line smokestack. Mom and I took the night boat back to Turku and went over kidneys until I fell asleep :)
The lights of Stockholm

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