2 Oct 2010

Camporee volunteers

 In the middle of September those of us who had volunteered at the pathfinder camporee were invited to a get-together at Kallioniemi. Out of 130, about 60 showed up. It was nice and relaxing :)
 On the 4h drive up, Ida and I played this cool game :) You have to move the other vehicles to get the red car out of rush hour traffic. It can be surprisingly challenging :)
 Kallioniemi :)
 a FEW mushrooms
 up the 304 stairs again...
 I should have taken Kuutti's example and ridden up on my Dad's shoulders
 This is more what the view is supposed to look like (not the gray fog from a few weeks back). Actually, I remember this view being a lot more clear. I suppose it's because I haven't been up there in MANY years and the trees have grown up.
 taking shelter under some trees when it started raining and listening to Dad's skunk stories :)
Dad, Megan, Ari
 Kärpässieni. Who knows what it might be in english?
 Megan, originally from NZ, now in London, flew over just for this weekend! It was nice to see each other again and relax in the sauna :)
 with my other sister Elina :)
On the way back we stopped in Tampere and this beauty caught my eye ;) It had moss growing out of the roof :)

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Henrik Kauhanen said...

Kiva kuva kärpässienestä. Se on ruotsiksi röd flugsvamp. Englanniks fly agaric tai fly Amanita. Lat. Amanita Muscaria.