2 Oct 2010

Uplift planning

Uplift is an SDA Nordic young adult camp taking place in Denmark next summer August 16-21.2011. If you're between 18-30 years of age, Nordic, and interested in meeting other Nordic young adults and spending time with God, write the above dates in your calendar! It's going to be great!

Sirpa, Tapio and I went to the planning meeting in Denmark a few weeks ago. Here we are leaving Turku. Tapio is clearly excited about the trip :) 

 Thomas leading out in planning the daily schedule
 Berny, from Sweden
 Vilde and Gina from Norway. Victor was there too, but only for a few hours.
 Niels-Peter and Laura from Denmark
 The main building at Himmerlandsgården camp
 an upstairs room in another building
 naked lady? in a room. I guess I should have administered first aid...
 fire bowl
 one of many fields
 dried jelly by the sea
the mosquito infested path back from the sea

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