2 Oct 2010

Home sweet home (for now)

 This is the building my apartment is in. I'm on the third floor.
 Our hallway. I live with two other girls. We each have our own room, then we share the kitchen, bathroom and shower.
 our kitchen
 view from my window
 The first few nights I slept at Ida's house and rode in to Turku with them. Then once I got the keys to this room Ida helped me move in. This is how it looked for the first week, before my parents brought more stuff from home.
with my junk :) Not sure where to put it all.

Ludi, tasting a lychee we had gotten at the store.
dinner :)
Mom took me to Ikea this week and I got two little bookshelf-thingys. I spent some time trying to screw the screws in..
I was too strong for it :) Fortunately it didn't break bad and it's in a place where it's not noticeable.
finished product
 Here's what it looks like now
 It looks cozier with the curtains shut and lamps and candles burning.. :)

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Anonymous said...

It looks good, Lahja! Cozy and comfortable :)